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    Welcome to The Refuge

    A haven for healing...

  • Attuned, Compassionate Care

    Holistic Psychotherapy
    Mental Health and Wellbeing
    Trauma Therapy and Trauma-Informed Approaches

  • Somatic Experiencing and Body Memory Recall

    Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy

    Emotion Regulation and Resiliency
    Trauma Release and Tablework
    Boundaries and Empowerment

  • Trauma Trainings

    Trauma Trainings

    Custom Programs and Presentations
    In-Service and Community Workshops
    Case Consultations for Professionals



Life Issues


AST Model® of Shame Resolution and Resilience Training


EQUUSOMA™: Integrating Somatic Experiencing® and Attachment Work into Equine-Assisted Trauma Recovery

Women’s Winter Warm-up

Trauma-Informed Yoga Training

Trauma-Informed Supportive Housing Training

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Training

Tier 2: Principles of Trauma-Informed Practice

Tier 1: Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care

1st Natural Lifemanship Conference

EQUUSOMA: An Introduction to Somatic Experiencing™ Skills and Trauma-Informed Principles for Equine-Facilitated Practitioners

EQUUSOMA – SE and Equine Programs Introductory Workshop December 2017

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