Expressive Arts Therapies

Healing is a creative process, and expressive arts therapy uses various media to promote self-expression, awareness and movement towards wholeness.

Using drawing, movement, writing, creative journaling and other artistic pursuits allows us to explore bodily sensations, emotions and experiences in a different way than simply through talk alone. Externalization through art can help deepen awareness and provide insight about aspects of one’s internal experience that are difficult to convey through other means, such as processing different body experiences that are difficult to express through words or relating to the inner child. The process of creating invites the individual to become gently attuned to the body’s process and move into an innate self-expression that can lead to greater freedom and authenticity.

Expressive arts therapy promotes:

  • Building connection between inner and outer experiences
  • Connecting with oneself in the present moment
  • Self-awareness
  • Emotion regulation
  • Opening up to playfulness and self-expression
  • Insight through symbols, metaphors and movement
  • Integration of child and adult selves
  • Moving beyond the immobility (freeze) response into greater mobilization, freedom of expression, ease, and emotional and physical flexibility


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