Equine-Facilitated Therapy

EquuSpiritEquines (horses and donkeys) are prey animals that live in the present moment, without shame or embarrassment for their needs or their self-protective responses. Like us, they are comprised of a nervous system, a personality, emotional and biological needs and a history.

They are honest, transparent and sensitive creatures who have much to teach us about:

  • Presence and being in the moment in a grounded way
  • Tuning into our senses and our felt sense to establish whether or not we are safe
  • Being congruent (when our emotions match our intentions, body language and actions)
  • Clear communication and boundaries
  • Honouring our needs without judgment
  • Trusting the wisdom of our bodies

The Refuge’s EquuSpirit equine-facilitated therapy program is inspired by the integrative, trauma-informed and body-oriented model of equine-facilitated wellness developed at Generation Farms in Nanaimo, BC as well as aspects of the Eponaquest Approach and Adventures in Awareness, and grounded in the ethics of the National Association for Equine-Facilitated Wellness.

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