Angela Herzog


AngelaAngela Herzog, MA, RP, CCC, SEP

Embodied Healing Counselling Services
Registered Psychotherapist
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Room 342

Angela engages life with curiosity, playfulness, compassion and is always searching for the wonders of this life. Angela hasn’t always engaged with life this openly, and continues to witness others in the same struggle. We quickly adapt and move into survival mode to manage life’s stressors, leaving little space for self expression and play. This survival mode protects our authentic self yet, in the long term, creates disconnect and misery.

Angela believes that we each have the innate ability to return to our authentic selves as we slowly re-connect to our body and move through survival patterns. This belief drives Angela’s passion in collaborating with you to discover what the right kind of conditions are needed for you to move into your own sense of authenticity and aliveness. Angela’s genuine presence and sensitivity supports creating a safe space for you to start letting go of survival mode and try out a new way of being.

Angela brings a wide range of experience and training to further support your healing process. In addition to receiving her Masters of Arts in Counselling and Spirituality through St. Paul University, she has completed the comprehensive Somatic Experiencing training that guides her practice within other modalities, like Focusing, Expressive Arts Therapy and Nature Therapy. Recently, Angela has enjoyed bringing in her love of the natural world into her practice and has created the annual Nature-A-Day Challenge as well as a summer and winter outdoor group. Angela continues to be amazed how the building a relationship with the natural world invites us to be in relation to our natural being.

Angela has been honoured to witness the resiliency of humanity through her various positions in the social service sector over the last 12 years before launching her private practice. Her experience includes working with young mothers, survivors of abuse and sexual assault, and homeless youth.

Within private practice, Angela has particular interest in shame recovery, supporting those that fall under the category of Highly Sensitive Person, trauma recovery, including developmental traumas and shock traumas, PTSD, vicarious trauma, burn out, anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, stress management, self esteem and self worth, boundary violations, assertiveness, grief and loss, life transitions, identity and spiritual crisis.

Master of Arts Degree, Counselling and Spirituality
St. Paul University / University of Ottawa (2012)
Research: Integrating the Body in Trauma Conceptualization and Treatment

Registered Psychotherapist
College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Canadian Certified Counsellor
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Alchemy of Shame Model: Intersection of Shame and Trauma
Combining SE and AST

Trainer: Caryn Scotto d’Luzia, MA, SEP (May, July and October 2017)
Webinar series

Somatic Experiencing (advanced level, module 2)
Somatic Experiencing Training Institute, Boulder, CO
Chicago, IL (6 days, October 2016)
Faculty Member: Berns Galloway, MEd, CCC, SEP

Somatic Experiencing (advanced level, module 1)
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Boulder, CO (6 days, May 2015)
In conjunction with the Brazilian Association of Trauma in Salvador, Brazil
Faculty Member: Sonja Gomes, PhD, SEP

Somatic Experiencing (beginning and intermediate levels)
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Boulder, CO
London, ON (24 days, 2013-2015)
Faculty Member: Linda Stelte, MEd, CCC, SEP (in London, ON)

Focusing-Oriented Therapy
Focusing Resources Inc. (Jan-Feb 2014)
Instructor: Helene Brenner, PhD

BSAFER Training
(Brief Spousal Assault Form for the Evaluation of Risk)
ProActive ReSolutions (November 2013, 2 days)
Instructor: Dr. Randall Kropp

The Psychobiology of Trauma and PTSD
Hosted by CAST Canada (April 2013, 2 days)
Instructor: Babette Rothschild MSW, LCSW

Treating Complex Trauma
Centre for Treatment of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma
February 2013 (2 days)

Mindful Focusing
Focusing Institute, Ottawa, ON (Oct-Nov 2013)
Instructor: David Rome

Inner Relationship Focusing (level 1)
Focusing Institute, Ottawa, ON (2012, 2 days)
Instructor: Shulamit Ber Levtov, MA, RSW

Wholebody Focusing (level 1)
Focusing Institute, Ottawa, ON (2012, 2 days)
Instructor: Karen Whalen, PhD

All information related to confidentiality, cancellations, missed sessions, regular and sliding scale rates, payments and other important details can be found in the informed consent forms below. Any questions can be addressed by phone or email prior to session, or in person.

Payment options include:

  • Cash (exact amount please, as Angela cannot make change)
  • Cheque

There is no debit card capability or ATM machine on site.

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Please check with your insurance provider (if applicable) to confirm coverage type and yearly maximum, as well as how the payout occurs. Also confirm with your provider if you require a doctor’s note prior to your first appointment.

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