Life and Career Coaching

Our services are inspired by the YWCA of Toronto model of life skills coaching and somatic coaching models that integrate body awareness into the change process. The focus of life coaching can be to support you to set intentions and achieve goals, follow through on action steps in the direction of what you envision to be different, come out of stuckness, adopt healthier behaviours, develop emotional intelligence, build confidence to take big leaps, or learn social skills and communication skills.

Career coaching services involve taking stock of your current skills, interests, passions, education and experience. Once this inventory has been established, you will learn how to research labour market information, training programs, and employment or self-employment opportunities using various online resources so that you have the information you need to help you weigh out a decision that aligns with your life circumstances and vision. Career coaching also involves preparing you for informational interviewing, cover letter and resume writing, job interview practicing, and looking at the emotional intelligence skills that are required to help you be successful on the job. If you have a history of difficulty with making decisions or job hopping, we can help you address the anxiety, core beliefs or personal traits that are limiting you from moving forward.

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