Kristina Baré de Vos

Kristina Baré de Vos, MSc, RP, RMFTKristina Baré de Vos, MSc, RP, RMFT

Registered Psychotherapist
Registered Marriage and Family Therapist
Intermediate Level Somatic Experiencing Therapist
Room 338

Note: Kristina will be working as a trauma therapist abroad for a year starting November 1, 2016. We wish her luck in her new endeavours!

Through her years of mindfulness meditation practice and personal healing work, Kristina is transforming her own inherent sensitivity into a source of joyous aliveness. Her work with gifted healers, therapists and spiritual teachers, gives her deep faith in the power of the therapeutic relationship and the possibility of healing. It brings her much satisfaction to support others with high levels of emotional sensitivity “come home” to their natural gifts and potentials.

Kristina has worked as a therapist in the Canadian mental health field since 2007. Before immigrating to Canada in 2003, she worked in Denmark for several years supporting children with various developmental difficulties. In addition to her M.Sc degree in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, she completed a M.Sc degree in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Guelph. She has extensive personal and professional training in the field of mindfulness as well as in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. She recently began her Somatic Experiencing training which deeply inspires her work.

Her gift as a therapist is in the area of emotional dysregulation difficulties. Many of the people she supports have a diagnosis of Bordeline Personality Disorder, complex trauma, PTSD, attachment disorders, substance use disorders and eating disorders. They often have trauma stories that underlie their high levels of sensitivity and emotional overwhelm. Besides supporting individuals, Kristina also works with couples where one of both partners struggle with emotional dysregulation difficulties. Through the process of Emotion Focused Therapy, she helps them cultivate a mutually fulfilling connection where each person’s emotional need is responded to with attunement and care.

Kristina strives to create a collaborative and non-judgemental therapeutic environment. She has gotten the feedback from clients and colleagues that her warmth, authenticity, and gentleness allows for safety and ease for those she supports.

Master of Science Degree, Psychology
Thesis topic: the therapeutic alliance/relationship
The University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2005)

Master of Science Degree, Couple and Family Therapy
Major paper: trauma survivors
The University of Guelph (2007)

Registered Psychotherapist
College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Somatic Experiencing™ Training (intermediate level 1)
Somatic Experiencing training Trauma Insitute, Boulder, CO
Faculty Member: Doris Rothbauer SEP (6 days, June 2016, Denmark)
Faculty Member: Berns Galloway, MEd, CCC, SEP (4 days, Sept 2016, Montreal)

Somatic Experiencing™ Training (beginning levels 2 and 3)
Somatic Experiencing™ Trauma Institute, Boulder, CO (8 days)
Faculty Member: Berns Galloway Med, CCC, SEP
Montreal, QC

DBT Prolonged Exposure
The Treatment Implementation Collaborative
Hamilton, Ontario (4 days, April 2016)
Trainers: Shari Manning, PhD and Annie McCall, MA, LMHC

Healing the Traumatized Self
The Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing (April 2016, 1 day)
Presenter: Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, FRCP (C)

Somatic Experiencing™ Training
Beginning level 1 (4 days, November 2015)
Somatic Experiencing™ Trauma Institute, Boulder, CO
Faculty Member: Linda Stelte, MEd, CCC, SEP

Refining Inquiry Workshop (MBCT teacher training)
The Centre for Mindfulness Studies, Toronto (2 days, November 2014)
Trainers: Patricia Rockman, MD, CCFP, FCFP and Susan Woods, MSW, LICSW

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Training
The Centre for Mindfulness Studies, Ecology Retreat Centre, Orangeville, ON
Trainers: Zindel Segal, PhD and Patricia Rockman, MD, CCFP, FCFP
(5 days, October 2014)

Core Clinical Training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
The Treatment Implementation Collaborative, Middletown, CT
Part one: in-class instruction (5 days, Sept-October, 2014)
Trainer: Shari Manning, PhD
Part two: weekly online video-based classes (October 2014-February 2015)
Trainer: Annie McCall, MA, LMHC
Part three: in-class instruction (2 days, March 2015)
Trainer: Shari Manning, PhD

Fine-Tuning Mindfulness with Neuroscience: Promises and Perils
Leading Edge Seminars, Toronto (2 days, November 2013)
Trainers: Michael Stone, MA and Willoughby Britton, PhD

Mindfulness and Beyond: Essential Clinical Skills
Leading Edge Seminars, Toronto (4 days, September and December, 2012)
Trainer: Michael Stone, MA

SoulCollage® Facilitator Training (art therapy)
Loyola House, Guelph, ON (3 days, September 2012)
Trainer: Seena Frost, MDiv, MA, founder of SoulCollage®

Addressing the Consequences of Trauma: A Narrative Perspective
Hincks Dellcrest Cenre – Gail Appel Institute, Toronto (2 days, March 2007)
Trainer: Michael White, MSW

All information related to confidentiality, cancellations, missed sessions, regular and sliding scale rates, payments and other important details can be found in the informed consent forms below. Any questions can be addressed by phone or email prior to session, or in person.

Payment options include:

  • Cash (exact amount please, as Kristina cannot make change)
  • Cheque

There is no debit card capability or ATM machine on site.

Before Coming

Prior to your session, please download, read and complete the following forms. Please note that there are two different sets of forms depending on the services you will be accessing.

Please check with your insurance provider (if applicable) to confirm coverage type and yearly maximum, as well as how the payout occurs. Also confirm with your provider if you require a doctor’s note prior to your first appointment.

Scent-free offices: A number of our clients have chemical sensitivities, and we request that clients refrain from using perfume, cologne, or scented creams or other similar products when coming to their sessions. If it is possible to refrain from smoking prior to entering the building for your appointment, this is also appreciated.

General Forms

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Services With Psychologist Supervision

Please complete these forms if you have insurance coverage for services under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist. Kristina works under the supervision of Dr. Shari Geller for a portion of her practice. For more information about Dr. Geller, please visit the Centre for MindBody Health.

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